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The Best and Worst Airlines Flying Today

When it comes to customer satisfaction, many airlines today can only hope to accomplish what would have been considered the bare minimum 20 years ago. With the advent of cheaper flights and increased accessibility worldwide, we’re seeing a new era of airline customer service, focused solely on getting the largest amount of people crammed into...

Loy Krathong: Another Day, Another Internationally Famous Holiday in Thailand

I’ve always found the idea of holidays in other countries as vacation activities a little odd. Obviously it makes sense as a prime opportunity to experience another culture and its heritage, a reason a lot of people travel, but more often than not, the customs and traditions become nothing more than neglected backdrops in our...

5 Beer Varieties You’ve Never Heard Of (And Where to Drink Them)

Allow me to indulge my geekery if you will. As craft breweries continue to push the limits of beer in an effort to impress customers, they look to little known styles from elsewhere in the world to revitalize and call their own. In most cases, they tend to bastardize the original under the creative license...

7 Worst Hotels

7 Worst Hotels in the World

It’s not just poor customer service or outdated fixtures — some of these hotels are downright dirty and unsafe. Here are the 7 worst hotels in the world.