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War Tourism: When Battle Zones Become Holiday Destinations

It’s a concept so fascinating yet appalling that an entire institute has been dedicated to studying it. But war tourism is not a new phenomenon. What’s IS new is the way today’s tourism industry has formalized trips to danger zones.

The 12 Best European Holiday Towns to Visit this Fall

The temperatures in Europe soar in August, and many businesses close their doors as workers seek breezes and cooler temperatures elsewhere. This leaves only the tourists in these larger cities, wondering where everyone went. Instead of heading to Europe in August, when most of the city has left for summer vacation, travel across the Atlantic...

Travel Destinations to Avoid in 2018

The world is full of many wondrous countries and regions where tourists can expect to be welcomed with open arms; however, there are also places that have seen too much foot traffic that they’re badly in need of renovations or a respite from visitors. Some of the locals in these places have even started harbouring...