Guilherme Ribeiro

Why Travel Could Be the Answer to Your Problems

Travel is often regarded as a pleasurable experience. People visit other countries to have fun, relax, and basically take a long-needed break from work. However, it would be an understatement to ignore the transformative aspects of a trip. Many people travel to heal emotional wounds, find new perspectives, or even change their lifestyles completely.

Why the Algarve Should Be on Your Bucket List

To make the most of Portugal, you need to go beyond Lisbon and enjoy the relaxed pace of the Algarve, the country’s southernmost region.

Best Countries for Vegetarians

If the only thing holding you back from exploring the whole wide world is your dietary preferences, fear not as many countries can be very welcoming to vegetarians. With a little bit of research, you won’t have to worry about eating bland food every day.

Mini Guide to Russia

Russia is the largest country in the world and has a population of nearly 150 million, though around 77 percent live in the western part of the country. It’s best known for being the first constitutionally socialist state and its role in World War II and the ensuing Cold War. The country has also many technological accomplishments, including sending the first human to space. Nowadays, it’s the world’s 12th largest economy by GDP, the biggest producers of natural gas and oil, and also a permanent member of the UN Council.

Why You Should Travel While You’re Still Young

If you’re worried about embarking on a travel adventure and wondering whether it’ll negatively affect your life, the simple answer is “no, it won’t.” In fact, when you stop to take a closer look at it, the benefits considerably outweigh the risks. While in the past it may have looked like a frivolous undertaking, nowadays it’s considered a character-defining experience. If you have the chance to travel now, take it without thinking as your future-self will be forever grateful for the lessons, friends, and memories you will make.


The Most Common Scams from Around the World

There’s nothing like traversing the world and exploring new countries and cultures, but sometimes the experience is spoiled by dishonorable people preying on uninformed travelers. If you make an effort to learn about the classic scams, you’re unlikely to fall victim to them and can just enjoy the positive side of your trip. To help, here’s a list of common scams around the world for you to get acquainted with.

When Travel Is Not Rewarding

Traveling can only be rewarding if done the right way. Yes, it’s possible to find solutions to your problems and even a life purpose during your travels. However, that can only happen if you take it seriously.