Jordan Hobbs

I Can See My House from Here: The World’s Tallest Observation Decks

There’s nothing more exhilarating than looking out at the world from some of the highest peaks. Although you can achieve this perspective from an airplane, nothing beats the view you get from an observation deck. Whether you’re looking down from a mesmerizing glass floor or staring out at the skyline from a luxury skyscraper, the view is certainly one to cherish.

The Scariest Places on Earth

From cursed islands to haunted hotels, the world is certainly filled with terrifying destinations. Whether you’re fascinated with the occult or simply looking for a thrill, we’ve come up with a list of the scariest places on earth. You can visit many of these locations in person, and some of them even offer guided tours.

The Best Places to Travel to Enlighten Your Soul

Traveling can be a spiritual and enlightening experience. Getting away from the hustle of modern life can be a good opportunity to get to know you. Being away from social media and the constant buzz of your phone will allow you to think about your life, priorities, and the people you love.

Should You Pay for Priority Boarding?

If you fly economy, you could benefit from this piece of news. In 2018, United rolled out a program to let economy passengers purchase Priority Boarding. Originally, it was priced at $9, but it has increased to $15 over the last few years.