Ryan Farley

Craftier Than Before: An Inside Look Into Bangkok’s Exploding Craft Beer Scene

As I write this article, I’m sitting at a first floor café in the same building that hosted a craft beer festival six days ago—and I can still see the splintered plastic cups with the event’s logo printed on the side littering the ground.

Working in Hostels: The Best Way to Have a Cultural Experience on the Cheap

If you’re the type who couchsurfs and stays in hostels and homestays when traveling abroad, then I’ve got the perfect travel tip for you. Go somewhere where English isn’t regularly spoken and volunteer your native speaking talent.

Inflight Slippers and Homelessness: What It’s Like to Come Home After a Long Time Abroad

During the 24 hour flight back to Thailand from my holiday visit home in the States, I had a jarring identity crisis. It’s possible this was caused by some combination of claustrophobia, jet lag, or the dangerous combination of drinking coffee and wine simultaneously.

Art 101: Exploring Bangkok’s Street Art

I’m not a particularly trendy person. I wear a lot of hand-me-down clothes (yes, as an adult), and not the cool kind that look like they’re from whatever decade is currently in fashion. I know painfully little about what is happening in “trendy” spheres of influence.

What to Do At the Wat: Advice for Visiting a Buddhist Temple

If you’re anything like me, then you’ve probably read The Dharma Bums and/or watched 7 Years in Tibet with a smoldering jealousy of the protagonist’s flirtations with the romantic eastern religion of Buddhism.

Thailand’s ASEAN Day: From the Mascot’s Eyes

As I’ve mentioned before, Thai government schools are constantly looking for a reason to cancel classes and have a schoolwide celebration. Thus, it was no surprise when one day I was informed that I should come to school early the next day to prepare for…ASEAN day.

Loy Krathong: Another Day, Another Internationally Famous Holiday in Thailand

I’ve always found the idea of holidays in other countries as vacation activities a little odd. Obviously it makes sense as a prime opportunity to experience another culture and its heritage, a reason a lot of people travel, but more often than not, the customs and traditions become nothing more than neglected backdrops in our selfies and lazy hashtags in our quest for more followers.