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Martial Arts Around the World

Human beings knew how to defend themselves long before guns, tanks, or military helicopters were created and used in wars. Every civilization developed some sort of martial art in the past and they’re now part of their culture.

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9 Must-See Landmarks That Celebrate Women

Although there are plenty of national landmarks that celebrate women scattered around the United States, they never seem to get as much recognition, funding, or celebration as the many monuments that exist to celebrate the accomplishments of our nation’s great men. This summer, if you’re feeling like you haven’t been exposed to as much women’s history as you would like, get out and visit some of our nation’s most exciting landmarks that celebrate women.

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Mini Guide to Brazil

If you’re planning to travel to Brazil and don’t know where to begin, here’s a mini guide to help you get your head around this big and complex country. You’ll find information about points of interest, safety, festivals, natural wonders, and much more.

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