14 Ways to Spot a Frequent Traveler

3. They Know Phrases in Many Languages

Although frequent travelers know they can probably get by with English anywhere in the world, they always make an effort to learn the basics of the local language. In that way, they can create a deeper bond with the local population.

As soon as they set foot in the new country, they try to learn how to order food, introduce themselves, and most importantly, how to say “please” and “thank you.” More often than not, they fall in love with the language and decide to really learn it.

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4. They Pack Smartly

You’ll rarely see a frequent traveler carrying a massive backpack struggling with its weight. In fact, you might even think they’re a local as it seems they’re not carrying anything, just a small unassuming rucksack.

They know that nowadays it’s possible to find any item they might need in any major capital, so there’s no point in carrying it around everywhere. They know how to travel light, taking only the essentials and versatile quick-drying clothes.

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5. They Have Crazy Stories to Tell

Travel in itself creates the ideal environment for funny stories to happen. Sometimes, you just need to take one wrong bus or order the wrong dish in a restaurant to unleash a sequence of unfortunate events.

Most of the crazy stories you only see in movies tend to be part of the day-to-day life of the frequent traveler. They might talk about a near miss on the Bolivian death road, the time they got scammed in Cambodia, or when they were super sick in India and felt like dying.

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