14 Ways to Spot a Frequent Traveler

9. They Have Infinite Air Miles

Everyone likes to get discounts on flights or even fly completely free. One of the ways to achieve that is by signing up to an airline membership program and getting air miles every time you fly with them.

Frequent travelers take it to next level. Not only do they sign up with every airline program possible, they also ensure they get air miles when they spend money with their credit cards. If you take more than 30 flights a year, it doesn’t take long until you reap the benefits.

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10. They’re Always Researching New Destinations

Most travelers haven’t traveled around their own countries properly; in fact, even if you eventually visit all the countries in the world, there’s still going to be a lot left to explore. Because of that, frequent travelers are always on the lookout for new exciting destinations.

So they’ll probably visit the famous cities and capitals, but they’ll also make sure they don’t leave any stone unturned. They’ll read articles, talk to locals, and if they learn about an elusive monastery in the mountains, they’ll try their best to get there.

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11. They Understand Travel Hacking

As the old saying goes “practice makes perfect.” The same applies to traveling, and the more you do it, the cheaper, smoother, and easier it is for you. So back to traveling light, for instance, frequent travelers don’t have to pay to check in their carry-ons and don’t have to wait for it in the luggage carousel.

They also know that the flights will be cheaper during the low season, that Google Maps is indispensable, or that some credit cards don’t charge for international withdrawals. When you add up all the tricks, they usually spend a lot less than the average traveler.

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