15 Tips to Ease Your Fear of Flying

13. Get to Know Your Cabin Crew

The cabin crew on the flight are very helpful and friendly and they have experience dealing with nervous fliers. Feel free to introduce yourself to them and ask them if you need anything. They are there to help you and make sure you feel comfortable.

CandyBox Images / Shutterstock.com

CandyBox Images / Shutterstock.com

14. Try an App

Did you know that Virgin Atlantic has created an iPhone app that is specially designed for nervous flyers? The app has a number of relaxation exercises, quizzes and videos to keep you calm and distract you from your nervousness. This is just one of the many different types of apps for nervous flyers that you can download and try.

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    GaudiLab / Shutterstock.com

    GaudiLab / Shutterstock.com

    15. Don’t Forget to Breathe

    This might seem obvious, but when you get nervous your breathing gets shallow and this can add to your feeling of panic. Concentrate on breathing in deeply through your nose and out through your mouth, as slowly as possible. This can be very powerful in preventing or stopping a panic attack.

    seanbear / Shutterstock.com

    seanbear / Shutterstock.com

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