17 Things No One Will Tell You Before You Move to England

7-Take-a-walkHelen Hotson / Shutterstock

7. Take a walk

If you live in a smaller town, walking can be a legitimate pastime. The English countryside is gorgeous, and if you live outside of a city, you should take advantage of it whenever you can.

8-Too-much-QueenShaun Jeffers / Shutterstock

8. Get used to reading a lot about the Queen

The Royal Family takes up tons of space in the daily paper, and is always a favorite topic of conversation. Whether it’s discussing Prince George’s new tooth, or the Queen’s favorite hat, there’s always something new to find out about those Windsors.

9-MontyOlga Popova / Shutterstock

9. British humor is different than any other type of comedy in the world

British comedy is a mix of self-deprecation and sarcasm, usually delivered with a deadpan straight face. Not much is off limits, and British comedians regularly push the boundaries of good taste.



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