20 Reasons You Should Travel With Your Kids

Family Bonding

There’s nothing quite like flight delays, weird meals in local restaurants, and narrowly missing a dead pig on the road to bond people together. Even getting lost in Rome and having our parents squabble over directions for hours is something my siblings and I laugh over now. Embrace the bonding.

Max Topchii / Shutterstock.com

Max Topchii / Shutterstock.com

Kids are Resilient

Can kids be whiny, difficult, and stubborn? Definitely.

But they are often resilient. When it’s nearly dawn, you’ve been traveling all night, and you need to walk across the Air Force base to get to the hotel… it’s the kids who will be singing Beatles songs as they lug their suitcases. When one sibling’s feet are killing them, it’s the other sibling that will point out how this street looks exactly like Assassin’s Creed, and they’ll distract each other planning how to break into the cathedral.

Often, I think, kids don’t get the credit they deserve for finding creative ways to keep going.

Studio 1One / Shutterstock.com

Studio 1One / Shutterstock.com

Wider Understanding

It’s never too early to start opening a person’s eyes to the wider world. Kids who are taught to appreciate and respect different places, people, and cultures will be more likely to grow into adults who do the same. In some ways, it’s easier to learn as a kid, before you’re working against too many stereotypes or prejudices from the community around you.

Wasu Watcharadachaphong / Shutterstock.com

Wasu Watcharadachaphong / Shutterstock.com



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