20 Reasons You Should Travel With Your Kids

Methods of Survival

My favorite methods create the acronym VIA BLIMPS: Video games, Imagination, Alphabet spotter, Books, Line stories, I-spy, Movies and shows, Puzzles, Songs.

Some of these are obvious, but a few that could be expounded on:

Imagination: On one of my favorite roadtrips, my mom, sister, and I spent hours imagining what our dream houses would look like. Occupy your kids with imagining places they’d like to go and things they’d like to do.

Line stories: Create a story one sentence at a time. One person in the car gives a sentence, and the next person in line has to build off it, and so on.

Songs: Though you can be a nice parent and play music your kids like, my parents also reserved the dreaded State Songs for when we were acting up. If we misbehaved too much, the educational songs came on, and we had to sing all the capitals of all the states (or, at least, all the states until our parents deemed us punished/started going crazy themselves–normally we just got through the first two songs). It was effective, and I still know the capital of Arizona.

racorn / Shutterstock.com

racorn / Shutterstock.com

Travel Is Cheaper With Kid Discounts

Travel can actually be cheaper when your children are little kids, because places offer age discounts. In England, kids can even get a free pass if their parent owns certain railcards. I’m not saying you should necessarily make your sixteen-year-old pretend to be twelve so they can order off the kiddie menu, but you should take advantage of price breaks where you can get them.

Joana Lopes / Shutterstock.com

Joana Lopes / Shutterstock.com

Traveling Is Important to Do Before They Turn Into Boring Bums

I often hear parents say they don’t want to travel with their kids until they are teens. While I understand the temptation, the Golden Age for Travel is actually around ages 8-12. At this point, your kids are old enough to enjoy the journey, but young enough to still be excited by everything. Don’t wait until they’re lame and angsty teenagers!

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Zurijeta / Shutterstock.com



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