3 Things You Learn When You Move Abroad

3. You Change

Today I woke and for the second time had traditional Burmese tea and Mohinga for breakfast. Mohinga is a noodle soup with fish sauce, spices and chili. I’m very used to bread, eggs and coffee in the morning, but here and everywhere I go, I try to experience life as the locals.

I’m happy when I’m the only foreigner in a restaurant and the locals treat me like their own — including the fair prices. I paid 600 kyats ($0.47) for my breakfast, but the prices for foreigners start from 2000 — and from 5000 for Western food.

Maybe 10 years ago I wouldn’t be so willing to adapt, maybe I would, I don’t know, but after traveling for such a long time I’m always willing to try new things and challenge my beliefs. I tell myself there is no right or wrong way of doing something, it’s just different.

And when you get back home and realize things aren’t the way they supposed to be or, even if they are, you tend to question them, based on what you know and what you’ve seen, you know something happened to you.

You think about weird fashion trends, the environment, and get surprised when someone throws a tantrum because their order in the restaurant was wrong.

Then you realize that maybe everything is still the same, but you are now a completely different person — and you smile thinking about your next adventure.



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