7 Reasons Why Traveling With a Hipster Sucks

Every yin has its yang, right?

In a recent post, I shared 7 reasons why hipsters make great travel companions. This post looks at the reverse and examines how many of those same reasons can make traveling with a hipster extremely annoying.

Kind of ironic, don’t you think?

Everywhere they take you is “just like Brooklyn”

Kreuzberg in Berlin, Sodermalm in Stockholm, and Dalston in London, each neighborhood is described as “just like Brooklyn.”

What if I didn’t travel halfway across the world to visit Brooklyn? What if I wanted to visit Stockholm because it’s in, you know, Sweden, and experience, you know, Swedish culture!

Why do hipsters have to make everything like their mecca of Brooklyn? Perhaps they’re secretly like the corporate and government bigwigs they complain about and are trying to colonize the world one neighborhood at a time…

Their clothes only work if they’re traveling to Europe

As I described in a previous post, the hipster wardrobe is perfect for blending in in almost any large city… as long as it’s in Europe.  Infinity scarf (on a dude), skinny jeans, and ironic t-shirt under a flannel are a perfect match for the Eurotrash look.

Try that same motif on the beaches in Mexico, a safari in Africa, or a backpack excursion in Southeast Asia, and hipsters are labeled with the word they so loath – hipster.

They’ll also make you stand out like a couple of tourists with Daddy’s money, expensive phones, and other gadgets (most likely all Apple) to rip-off.

They never put down the cigarette

I get that the rest of the world smokes more than Americans do. I learned to request non-smoking rooms when I travel overseas as many countries still allow smoking in hotel rooms. I try to ignore it when I’m at a restaurant or bar as much as I can, waving it out of my face when it gets annoying or stepping outside for some fresh air every once in a while.

When I retire to my room for the night, however, I want cigarette smoke as far away as possible. I don’t want my bunkmate striking up a Parliament and lecturing me on the benefits of their raw, vegan diet.

Do they understand the irony?



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