7 Reasons Why Traveling With a Hipster Sucks

OMG! Can they eat anything besides hipster-approved foods?

If I’m in Germany, I’m going to eat lots of sausage and sauerkraut. Why? Because I’m in freakin’ Germany. What I won’t be doing is searching the city for the best organic kimchi served out of a mason jar. If I want to eat kimchi, I’ll head to South Korea where it’s actually from.

I realize this is a shock to many hipsters. Contrary to popular belief, kimchi is not from Brooklyn (and neither are street tacos for the matter).

When I travel somewhere, I want to eat what’s authentic to that neighborhood, not what a bunch of kids in ironic clothes post to Instagram.

And never do I look for raw, vegan restaurants.

They never smile

I realize hipsters have a lot to be angry with in the world: Al Gore’s claims about global warming, not having the latest iPhone, and the fact that their skinny jeans might be a little too tight.

But would it hurt them to smile every once in a while?

I found that when traveling overseas, the easiest way to break the ice or cross the language barrier is with a smile. I’ve made friends in nearly every country I’ve traveled to through a smile. And isn’t that why we travel – to make friends and experience a culture beyond our own?

As George Elliot once said, “Wear a smile and have friends; wear a scowl and have wrinkles.”

Or maybe wrinkles are the new hipster trend along with ombre hair?

You want to visit a famous art museum without judgement

As a frequent traveler, I have a huge confession to make:

I’ve never been to Paris.

Now that my street cred is ruined, I’ll continue.

As I’ve never been to Paris, the first art I plan to take in will be at the Louvre and not the Centquatre. While I realize that according to Bonjour Paris, the Centquatre is where all the cool kids go for art, I don’t feel any less cool visiting the Louvre and absorbing the masters who informed our generation about what art is.

No, I don’t need a hipster in tow telling me what a cliché it is to visit the Louvre.



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