7 Worst Hotels in the World

There’s nothing worse than flying halfway across the world to your dream vacation — only to find the hotel you booked is a disaster. Unfortunately, many of the hotels that lack are still extremely expensive.

Plus, it’s not just poor customer service or outdated fixtures — some of these hotels are downright dirty and unsafe. Here are the 7 worst hotels in the world, according to online reviews:

Plaza Hotel and Casino, Las-VegasIoannis Pantzi / Shutterstock

Plaza Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas

The Plaza Hotel and Casino is located on historic Fremont Street in Downtown Las Vegas — a hike from the strip. Though its location is far from the magic of Las Vegas, it’s the cleanliness that has guests reeling. You may discover a foul odor in the rooms and in the hallway.

You might also find your sleeping arrangements not ideal; the walls are supposedly very thin, and you might have a hard time sleeping if anyone is partying, arguing, or even quietly talking in the room next door.

The parking lot is also a concern among guests. Located adjacent to the Greyhound Terminal, it’s known to get quite dirty. You might even feel a little unsafe in this parking lot — day or night.

Hotel Carter, New-York-CityFooTToo / Shutterstock

Hotel Carter, New York City

Though the Hotel Carter’s exterior is moderately attractive, the inside might leave a little to be desired. Like the Plaza in Las Vegas, you might notice a foul smell emitting from the rooms and halls. Guests have also complained about the trash littered around the room and bathroom and that the bathrooms and tubs were not cleaned prior to their check in. You might even find hair or soap still lingering in the tub.

The Hotel Carter was included in Trip Advisor’s list of the 10 dirtiest hotels in America.

Goldkist Beach Resort, SingaporeAugust_0802 / Shutterstock

Goldkist Beach Resort, Singapore

Many guests complain about the smell in the Goldkist Beach Resort. With all the maggots reported squirming around the garbage bins, this might not surprise you.

Though the hotel boasts a free continental breakfast on their marketing materials, many guests complain there was no breakfast available during their stay.

You might find a homeless person sleeping next to your towel as you sun yourself on the hotel’s beach.



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