Are You Paying Too Much for Your Trips?

The biggest excuse for those who don’t travel is that it’s super expensive and they just can’t understand how you can afford a life on the road. But when you actually stop to talk about their trips, you immediately figure out why they spend a fortune.

How long is a piece of string? The reality is that you can spend little to no money and have an amazing trip, or sell one of your kidneys and go on a luxurious journey. If you nearly break the bank every time you go traveling, maybe it’s time to change the way you’re doing things.

1. Do It Yourself

If there’s only one lesson you take from this article, this should be it! To travel cheaply, you have to do it yourself. Many people choose the convenience of a travel agent to book their trips, but that unfortunately comes at a price, and not a cheap one.

There’s nothing wrong with using them, but they are essentially middlemen adding a commission to your trip. If you take the time to research and book your accommodation, flights, and tours on your own, you’ll notice that the price is considerably cheaper. / Shutterstock

2. Choose Cheaper Transportation

Once you pick a destination, is it cheaper to get there by train or plane? And when you get there, are you going to take a taxi to your hotel or consider using public transport? Every time you move from one place to another, there’s always a low-cost way to do it.

Usually, the more expensive it is, the faster you’ll get there, so it might make sense to spend a bit more if you don’t have a lot of time. However, if you do have the time, taking a 12-hour bus journey instead of a two-hour flight could save you a lot of money.

Daniel2528 / Shutterstock

3. Do You Really Need an All-Inclusive?

All-inclusive holidays are perfect for those people who really don’t want to deal with anything. They just want to sip their margaritas by the pool and head to the resort’s restaurant when they are hungry. But if you’re not going to enjoy the facilities and food, you could be wasting money.

If you know you just need a place to sleep with a decent breakfast because you’ll spend most of the time exploring the city, an all-inclusive resort is probably a mistake. Find the accommodation that suits your needs and book it yourself.

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