Don’t Fall for These 10 Scary Traveler Scams

9. Group Photo

This popular travel scam was documented quite effectively in the classic, travel-abroad family comedy “National Lampoon’s European Vacation.”

When posing for a picture, the prospective scammer will offer to be the one to click the shutter. You pose for a picture and, while you’re focused on presenting your best side, the scammer is already off and running away with your camera phone.

Don’t let your electronics out of your sight! The only way to protect yourself from the group photo scam is to, you know, not hand them over to complete strangers on the street. You’ve been warned.

mrtom-uk / Getty Images

10. The Baby Toss

Yes, you read that right. A common scam in Rome involves a woman, a fake baby, and a hail Mary pass.

The scam plays out like this — you’re minding your business, walking the stunning streets of Rome, when a stranger throws a ‘fake’ baby in your direction. Obviously, your natural reaction is to catch the baby. The woman and her friends will then take advantage of your distracted state to pick your pockets, run away with your luggage and rob you blind.

Pro tip: don’t catch the baby. That’s right, let the baby fall on the concrete. Now, there’s something I’d never thought I’d ever have to put in writing.

Lawn Walker / EyeEm / Getty Images



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