How Not to Travel in Brazil

Don’t Forget You Will See Poverty and Violence

This shouldn’t be a reason to change your travel plans, but it is something you should be well aware of. You’ll see favelas (slums), you’ll see homeless kids, and if you’re not careful, you will be robbed.

Travelers are easy prey and if they don’t research about their destination in Brazil prior to leaving their country, they might find themselves in a sticky situation. The best course of action is to know you might get robbed and always ask the locals if a place is safe. But if you do get mugged, just move on, as Brazilians do.

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You might read these tips and ask yourself “who would think like this?” and when you start your trip, realize people genuinely don’t know about this stuff. I honestly believe these type of travelers aren’t stupid, they just don’t do their homework or never truly learned about other foreign countries.

So if you already decided you’re going to Brazil, found this blog post by chance and this information is all new to you, please stop what you’re doing and research! Try to understand the Brazilian culture, the way we think and treat each other.

One thing I can say: we’re a warm bunch of people who are extremely accommodating. So even if you come to our country with all these misconceptions, we’re going to laugh at you — and with you – lightheartedly, drinking caipirinhas and having a nice time together!

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Hopping aboard a transcontinental flight on route to a new, ready-to-explore destination is a rush. Traveling teaches us about the world, sure. But, more than that, it teaches us about ourselves. You also probably already know that, unlike your comfort zone, traveling presents a lot of inherent risks. It’s a sad reality, but it’s a reality that rings true. You, as a tourist, are a two-bit criminal’s dream target. After all, you have absolutely no idea where you are, no idea where to go for help, and no clue what the scammers have in store.