How to Acclimatize to a New City

4. Get to know your local community

Our idea of community may look a bit different than our parents would imagine, but it can still be found — as long as we take the time to seek it out. It can be the families in the neighboring apartments, the people who live on your street, or your local shopkeepers.

Either way, it’s important to get out and get to know the people who populate your neighborhood. Even if you don’t become close friends, it can make you feel at home to see a familiar face in the grocery store or dog park every week. / Shutterstock

5. Find your local grocery store

A house with bare cupboards can never feel like a home. Once you arrive in a new place, the first thing you should do is stock your kitchen.

Even if you don’t cook, stocking up on your favorite snacks and treats will make your house feel like home. Nothing alienates you from a new place faster than having to eat every single meal out of takeout containers.

Plus, you’ll start to see what the local specialties are. In fact, many cities stock different products by neighborhood, which can give you a good sense of the local population and what kinds of food they enjoy.

Adam Melnyk / Shutterstock

6. Find people who share your interests

While it’s important to get to know people in your local community, something that can really help you acclimatize to a new city is meeting people that share your unique interests.

If you’re into sports, find the local YMCA or beer league, and join a team. If you love to do crafts, chances are a craft store or hobby shop will have lists of local clubs and meet ups for you to join. Using a hobby to connect with new people will give you a default topic to discuss, which can smooth over any initial awkwardness.

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