How to Acclimatize to a New City

10. Ask for recommendations

Before you move, do some research into the amenities of your new neighborhood. It can be helpful to arrive with some sense of where things are, and how to get around. Another thing you can do is ask for recommendations from new people that you meet.

Whether you consult your colleagues at work or the friendly teller at the bank, most people won’t be shy about telling you about their favorite restaurant, or what traffic is like around rush hour. Asking real people for their opinions on their neighborhood also gives you something to talk about if you ever run into them again.

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11. Give back

Another great way to get to know your neighborhood and meet people in the process is by volunteering your time with a local organization. There are always charities and non-profit organizations that are looking for eager volunteers — just pick one that aligns with your interests and get to work!

Putting effort into improving your local community will give you a sense of belonging, and will help you meet like-minded people that could eventually become friends.

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12. Don’t try and replicate past experiences

Leaving your home is always difficult. Settling in a new place becomes even harder when we seek to replicate everything that we loved about our old house or neighborhood in our new city. It’s not possible to make a clean swap, so instead of putting all your energy into pining for your old home, focus on what makes this new place so unique and interesting.

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