How to Keep Fit on Your Round-The-World Trip

When you go on a short trip – like a weekend getaway –  it’s okay to relax a bit and not be so strict when it comes to exercising and watching everything you eat. At the end of the day, you want to have fun. There’s no point spending every waking moment upset with yourself for not balancing your calorie intake and output.

However, if you’re planning on traveling for two weeks or even longer-term, like several months, it might be wise to take care of your body while on your adventure. You don’t want to end your trip by finding out that you’ve packed on 20 pounds. Surviving off pot noodles and alcohol every day might sound fun, but it can lead to health problems down the line.

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    Keeping fit is easier than you think! Read on to learn tips on keeping in shape while you’re traveling around the world.

    1. Walk Everywhere

    One of the easiest ways to exercise when you’re visiting a new city is to walk to all of the attractions you can. Avoid taking a taxi as much as possible. If the place you want to visit is far away or it’s a particularly cold (or extremely hot) day, why not mix some walking with public transit?

    In that way, not only are you going to keep your body moving, but you also get to experience the city in a more intimate way. When you’re walking everywhere, you’re in the middle of the hustle and bustle, and can see the day to day lives of the locals. You might even find a cute cafe or bar you would have missed if you were in a car.


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    2. Dance the Night Away

    Bear in mind that “dance the night away” doesn’t mean drinking unimaginable amounts of alcohol and then waking up next to a stranger, with a massive hangover while not remembering anything. You can choose to do that if you want, but you won’t stay fit.

    The idea here is to literally go out and have fun moving your body. You should be dancing, jumping, and sweating so much that when you get to your hostel, you’re shattered like you’ve spent hours in the gym.

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    3. Exercise in Your Room

    If you’re staying in a hostel or sharing a dorm with other people, it might not be the perfect place to exercise, but it’s still doable. As long as you find a quiet place where people won’t think you’re crazy, you’re good to go.

    There are plenty of exercises you can do without any weights, like push-ups, sit-ups, or lunges. If weights are your thing, you can fill two-liter soda bottles with water and exercise your biceps or shoulders. It’s just a matter of being creative with the things you have around you.

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