How to Make Friends During Your Trip

Hit the Hostel Bar

Hostel bars can be the ideal place to meet new people as the crowd will most likely comprise of travelers. Although people shouldn’t rely on alcohol to overcome their shyness, it definitely helps to build some confidence and strike up conversations.

Many of these bars have drinking game nights, where groups of people form teams to compete for silly prizes. They also tend to have pool tables and offer super cheap drinks, which creates a social atmosphere that encourages people to bond.

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    Hangout in the Common Room

    The common area is where people hang out when they don’t want to stay in their rooms. You’ll probably find comfy chairs, maybe a TV, and a selection of books and guides, but most importantly, travelers talking to each other and having fun.

    It’s also the place where people pre-drink before going on a night out, or play board games offered by the hostel. Most of the time, as soon as someone approaches the group, they’re invited to sit down and share a bit of themselves. It doesn’t take long to feel welcome and get to know about the other travelers around the table.

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    Bond Over Good Food

    No matter where you’re in the world, food always brings people together. If you’ve ever stayed in a hostel, you’ll know that along with the common room, the kitchen is the busiest place. It’s usually a bit chaotic as everyone is cooking, eating, and doing the dishes together.


    So, if you can cook delicious food, organizing a meal for a group might be a great way to get to know them better. Likewise, you can always help others cook and make friends at the same time. And if you can’t cook at all, don’t worry, why not invite people to visit the local pizza or burger joint?

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