How to Make Friends During Your Trip

Don’t Forget the Hostel Staff (and the Locals)

When you stay in a hostel with a great team, it can make all the difference. Most of the time it’s comprised of a mix of local people and passing travelers who sometimes live in the hostel. They’re usually very welcoming and will go out of their way so you can have a nice time.

More often than not, if they consider you to be a good friend, they might invite you to their personal life and get you to know their friends and family. So not only will you make a new friend, but also have a chance to experience the day-to-day of the locals.

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Start Conversation with Your Roommates

Sometimes you don’t even have to look far away to find an interesting person. Although there are some people who like to keep it to themselves, most travelers love to share their stories with anyone willing to listen — and that can be you!

Don’t worry if they already look like a tight-knit group and you feel you’ll be left out; that’s rarely the case in the travel community. Just make a habit of talking to your roommates, showing genuine interest, and they’ll happily take you under their wings.

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Sign up for Hostel Activities

Hostels are not only a place to sleep, but where most of the fun takes place (some have climbing walls, ping pong tables, or even swimming pools). Usually, each night of the week there’s an activity, and everyone is invited.

Sometimes it’s a movie and pizza night, or just a pool competition, where the winners get some free accommodations or drinks from the bar. The most popular activity is the pub crawl, where travelers visit five to eight bars, getting free shots along the way.

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