How to Make Friends During Your Trip

Use Couchsurfing

Another amazing way to make new friends is using the Couchsurfing platform, where travelers sleep in the house of kind locals. It has lost some market share to Airbnb, but the community is still very much alive.

As there’s no money involved, the exchanges are based on trust and generosity. So while you may not need to pay for your bed (or couch), you’re expected to cook a meal and share some time with the hosts. Couchsurfing also promotes many locals events where locals and travelers can meet each other.

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    Always Have a Deck of Cards

    Sometimes, all you need to bring people together is a deck of cards. They’re particularly important on those rainy days, where you can’t go on any tours and there’s nothing to do in the hostel.

    You might literally be the person who saves the day (or night) by having a deck with you. Make sure you learn all the classic traveling card games, and to make it more exciting, get the losers to do some shots or silly things.

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