How to Make the Most of a Farmer’s Market

Enjoy the food trucks before

Like the grocery store, the farmer’s market is hard to enjoy if you’re cranky and hungry. Many markets have a section with vendors selling prepared food, so if you’re hungry, head over there first. Don’t try and just suck it up, or you’ll end up with an over-full cart (because you’re so hungry) or an empty one (because you’re too cranky to deal with the crowds).

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Learn how to prep different kinds of fruits and veggies

To make the most of your local market, you’ll have to learn how to properly prepare fresh produce. Produce at the farmer’s market is usually sold immediately after being harvested, which means that you’ll need to get used to things you may not have seen before, like beet tops or corn husks.

Learn what Brussel’s sprouts look like before they’ve been removed from the stalk, and figure out which part of the rhubarb is edible, and which will make you sick. You’ll be a pro in no time.

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The farmer’s market is the perfect place for an intro to interesting fruits and veggies that may not be stocked in your local grocery store. It’s definitely harder to find tayberries, haskap berries, or knobbly heirloom tomatoes at Aldi or Kroger.

Often, the most interesting finds of the day are things that you’ve never heard of – hybrid fruits and veggies, a new kind of honey, or a unique cut of meat. These hybrids are often the result of farmers experimenting with new types of produce or growing methods, and there aren’t as many of these available as the traditional fruits and veggies, so make sure to snap them up as soon as you see them.

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