Safety First: Tips for Women Traveling Solo

Get creative

It might sound silly, but don’t be afraid to lie when being propositioned or harassed in a foreign country. Tell them about your fake (and muscular) boyfriend or husband who is waiting back at the hotel for you. Some women even choose to wear a fake wedding ring when they travel; it’s sad but true that men are less likely to harass a woman who already “belongs” to someone.

Ilya Andriyanov /

Ilya Andriyanov /

Have a sense of humor

Traveling to another country, especially as a woman, can be a bit of a culture shock. Expect to get some interesting looks, treatment, and maybe even a few propositions depending on where you go.

In some countries like Indonesia, where Westerners are idealized, you might get followed around like a movie star and have people greeting you or taking your picture. In places like Borneo or China where there is a great emphasis on the importance of marriage and children, you might be treated with pity for being a woman alone. In Egypt, it’s not uncommon for men to seek your hand in marriage by asking “how many camels?” The best approach is not to get angry, but rather to laugh it off and chalk it all up to experience and a good story to tell your family and friends back home.

Aliaksei Smalenski /

Aliaksei Smalenski /

Ladies, don’t let your fear of traveling alone keep you grounded when there is a whole world out there waiting for you to experience it. With a little planning and a few precautions, you too can have a solo adventure that will boost your confidence, declare your independence and provide new cultural experiences and memories that will last you a lifetime. So pack your bags, (don’t) grab a partner and get out there!



The Most Common Scams from Around the World

There’s nothing like traversing the world and exploring new countries and cultures, but sometimes the experience is spoiled by dishonorable people preying on uninformed travelers. If you make an effort to learn about the classic scams, you’re unlikely to fall victim to them and can just enjoy the positive side of your trip. To help, here’s a list of common scams around the world for you to get acquainted with.

How to Make Friends During Your Trip

One of the biggest fears of people who want to embark on a solo trip is being alone. They think meeting new people will be a struggle, and if they can’t find a partner to travel with, they just cancel or postpone their adventure. The truth is that with a little bit of planning and initiative, it’s actually harder to be alone than you think. The travel community is extremely welcoming and one doesn’t need to try hard to be part of it.

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