Stress Free Tips for Traveling with Kids

Plan ahead

Before you embark on your trip, try to think ahead about each leg of the journey and what it will entail so that you can anticipate your needs. If you think you’re going to be doing a lot of walking on your vacation you’ll probably want to take a stroller; however every airline has a different stroller policy and you may be forced to check it along with your baggage which could result in a complicated trip to the gate and make you wish you’d opted for a baby carrier instead. By thinking ahead about each part of your journey and doing your research, you can be prepared for whatever situation you may find yourself in.

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Try to stick to your routine

Traveling as a family isn’t cheap and you might be tempted to opt for a red eye flight in order to save a few bucks. But will those few extra dollars in savings be worth it when you end up having to deal with a brood of cranky, tired kids? Being jet lagged won’t just affect their sleep cycles, it can affect their meal and bathroom schedules as well — so try to stay as close to their usual routine as possible. If you’re traveling to a locale that will make jet lag unavoidable, try to make sure your children get plenty sunlight and activity during the day and make their bedroom as dark as possible at night in order to help them adjust to the new time zone more easily.

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Pack smart

Kids need a lot of stuff; diapers, extra clothing, toys, and gear for every kind of weather. So while it can be difficult to pack light, at least try to pack smart. Check the weather at your destination and avoid bringing anything you likely won’t need, then make a checklist for every family member and stick to it. If you’re traveling with an infant it can be a good idea to pack spare diapers in every bag and keep them in an accessible pocket to avoid having to dig through your luggage to find one. Packing color-coordinated separates for your kids that you can mix and match in the case of a spill or an accident can be a lifesaver. Finally, don’t pack anything you can easily buy at your destination like extra diapers or toiletries; the lighter your load, the easier your trip will be.

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