Stress Free Tips for Traveling with Kids

Bring all their documents

When traveling with kids it’s always a good idea to have copies of all of their important paperwork with you in order to avoid a hold up at customs or to help if, God forbid, you get separated on your trip. Make sure you have copies of their passports, birth certificates, recent color photos, and a letter of consent from their other parent if he or she is not traveling with you. On top of bringing hard copies, you should also scan their documents and email them to yourself so that you’ll be able to access them no matter where you go.

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Bring some novel entertainment

Traveling can be thrilling but it can also involve a lot of waiting around which kids just don’t have the patience for. Coloring books, toys, and tablets are all great things to bring along on a trip in order to keep your kids entertained; but if you really want to arm yourself, bring something new that they’ve never played with before. The excitement of a brand new toy will keep them occupied far longer than something that they’ve played with a million times before would. Don’t bust out the new stuff too soon though, instead save them for when they’re on the brink of a tantrum as a last resort and hopefully the novelty will make them forget all about their impending meltdown.

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    Take your time

    As a parent you probably don’t get that many chances to go away so you might be tempted to pack your schedule with as many activities as possible in order to maximize your holiday. But having too full of an itinerary can make your vacation more stressful than it needs to be, especially when you’re bringing kids who have no concept of time or urgency. Keep yourself busy, but just not so busy that you’re exhausted or stressed out about getting to the next place on your schedule. When it comes to flying, being early is definitely better than being late so give yourself plenty of time to get to the airport and through security to avoid a mad dash to your gate.

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