Stress Free Tips for Traveling with Kids

Assign specific tasks

If you and your spouse are traveling together with your kids, you’re hopefully going to be splitting the work load between the two of you which is a great idea; however, try to stick to clearly assigned tasks for your whole trip in order to avoid confusion. For example, if one parent is always in charge of the boarding passes while the other is assigned with keeping track of your luggage, you’ll avoid miscommunications or oversights. Nobody wants to hear the words, “but I thought you had the passports” after arriving at the airport!

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Prepare for the worst

When traveling with kids it’s a good idea to always apply Murphy’s Law: anything that could go wrong will go wrong. It might sound pessimistic to think that way, but in the long run you’ll be glad you were prepared for the worst. Be ready for the possibility of a diaper blowout in the middle of a long flight or a vomit disaster while dining out at a nice restaurant and have a game plan just in case.

It’s never a bad idea to bring an extra change of clothing for you kids (and you!) and some plastic bags wherever you go in case of a messy emergency. By embracing the possibility of disaster and being ready to approach it with a plan and a sense of humor, even the worst scenarios can still make for a fun and memorable holiday.

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