The Jedi’s Guide to Traveling Like a Pro

Have you seen the latest trailer of the Star Wars: The Force Awakens? If not, do it now, I’ll be waiting right here!

Did you like it? I do hope so. Whether you’re a diehard fan or just someone who has a mild appreciation for the genre, I’m pretty sure you’re as excited as I am. I’m slowly convincing my fiancée to watch the whole six previous ones so she understands what the new movie is about.

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But Travelversed is about traveling and if you’re serious about hopping around the world, you can take inspiration from anywhere. Today, you’ll learn how to travel like a Jedi and make the most of the galaxy — err, I mean, Earth.

Use the Force

That goes without saying. You’re a Jedi and you have your powers — just use them! I mean, if you can actually move things with your mind, by all means, do it and honor the Jedi principles. But if you’re like everybody else, at least trust your gut!

That’s it! The Force is within you and you always can tell if something sounds like a great idea or if you have second thoughts about it. That’s the Force guiding you to make the right choice. Just relax and listen — if you feel you should go to Vienna instead of Bratislava, just do it!

Stefano Buttafoco /

Stefano Buttafoco /

Be Aware of the Dark Side

The Sith are out there disseminating their hatred, but don’t worry, you’re smarter and more capable. Although there are indeed evil people around the galaxy, I’d say the dark side works in nefarious ways — it’s tempting, and before you know it, you’ve turned!

What I’m saying is: Should you really have another round of drinks in the hostel if you planned to meet your friend at eight in morning for some sightseeing? It’s a hard choice when everyone’s having fun and that pretty girl or boy is flirting with you.

Consult the Force. You could just retire to your bed or find the strength to pull an all-nighter so no one gets upset! Remember: Whatever you choose, you’ll bear the consequences.

Spread the Jedi Principles

You’re a beacon of integrity and honesty. You have the responsibility to teach what you know or show it by example.

Sometimes we travel through third world countries and see how hard life can be. The question is, can you do something to help? Can you engage in some sort of volunteering program teaching English or constructing a house in a village?

If you’re traveling long term, two weeks might not be much for you, but you might end up changing some people’s lives forever.



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