Top 10 Ways to Get Thrown Off an Airplane

Be-Too-RussianCandyBox Images / Shutterstock

4. Be Too Russian

If the stewardesses aren’t fond of the language you’re speaking, you may have to find a different method of transportation. That’s what happened to six Russian-born San Diegans who were flying to an anniversary party and conversing in their native tongue while waiting for take-off. Without warning, they were asked to leave the Spirit Airlines flight, causing them to miss the party.

[New York Daily News]

Be-a-ScroogeZemler / Shutterstock

3. Be a Scrooge

One passenger got kicked off an American Airlines flight for… hating Christmas? A man was upset that crew members wished him a “Merry Christmas” as he boarded because “not everyone celebrates Christmas.” He proceeded to give them a very public lecture about it, which got him banished from the flight to a chorus of cheers and applause from the other passengers.

[New York Post]

Use-an-Obnoxious-DeviceDundanim / Shutterstock

2. Use an Obnoxious Device

A man on a United Airlines flight decided to forcefully reclaim his leg room in the most obnoxious way possible: by using a device called the Knee Defender, which stops the seat in front of you from reclining.

The woman seated in front of him wasn’t impressed and a fight ensued. Drinks were thrown and the United Airlines plane was diverted for an emergency landing. Come on, nobody else on your flight is comfortable. Just deal with it!

[The Guardian]



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