Need a Break? Here Are the 11 Most Relaxing Cities in the World

Marbella,-SpainPhilip Lange / Shutterstock

Marbella, Spain

Famous for its mid-day naps, or siestas, Spain is an obvious choice when looking for a relaxing getaway. Located on the southern coast of Spain on the Mediterranean Sea, this city is a perfectly peaceful place to rest your weary bones amid any fast-paced euro trip. Purple bougainvillea and plush palm trees line the cobblestone streets. Want a little snack before your nap? The countless tapas bars right on the beach have all the fresh calamari and sangria needed to lull you into the perfect food coma.

Koh-Lanta,-ThailandKim Briers / Shutterstock

Koh Lanta, Thailand

Both close enough and far enough from some of Thailand’s more party-central tourist areas, Koh Lanta is a blissful break away from all the chaos. Clifftop views of a relatively tourist-free beach and a self-guided jungle trek ending in a picturesque waterfall are only a few of the things that make this the perfect place to unwind. After a restful day in the sun be sure to head over to the legendary Why Not bar where you can see the stars, hear the waves and listen to some live music while being perfectly propped up on the comfy pillows that litter the floor.

Brighton,-EnglandPaul J Martin / Shutterstock

Brighton, England

Travelers from London to Brighton will feel a deep sense of peace as the rolling green hills and fluffy white sheep of the quaint English countryside pass by your train window. Upon your arrival to this pretty seaside paradise you will be greeted with a soft ocean breeze and a picturesque pier. A stroll along the boardwalk with some crisp fish and chips are all you need to forget the frenzy of the city. Still not relaxed? A fun game of bumper cars might just do the trick.



Weirdest American Holiday Traditions

The holiday season is here and businesses across the United States are going all-out to make sure that their decorations are better than the year before. The majority of Americans get so excited about holidays that it’s easy to forget how many traditions are strangely unique to the American culture. Actually, there are a large number of uniquely American holiday traditions that seem strange to those who didn’t grow up here. Let’s explore some of the weirdest American holiday traditions that are out there today.

The World in Liquor

When you go out for a night, how many options for liquor does your home base bar have on offer? Sure, they’ve probably got some standard gins, vodkas, rums, whiskies, and tequilas—but probably not much of anything else. If you’re traveling, one of the best ways to start to get to know the local culture is to indulge in a popular local drink.

The World in Soda

Our taste buds can tell us a lot about ourselves. While giants like Pepsi and Coca-Cola still rule the worldwide soda market, smaller brands that represent local tastes have maintained their loyal followers for years in places like Switzerland and Barbados.