Need a Break? Here Are the 11 Most Relaxing Cities in the World

El-Nido,-Palawan,-PhilippinesMonika Olszewska / Shutterstock

El Nido, Palawan, Philippines

Even though Leo’s fantasy flick The Beach was filmed in Thailand, El Nido is home to the actual beach that inspired much of this famous story. This secret paradise has remained relatively untouched as access is limited to only those tourists that are willing to swim through the underwater cave that leads to its entrance.

Negril,-JamaicaH1nksy / Shutterstock

Negril, Jamaica

This quiet fishing city, situated along some of the highest cliffs in Jamaica (not that kind of high) is a great place to lay low with a red stripe and some of the most beautiful sunsets the world can offer. If you’re feeling adventurous, head over to Rick’s bar, the legendary cliff jumping spot. If not, take a casual drive through the Blue Mountains where you can attempt to obtain the same amount of peace as the many Rastafari living there.

Burlington,-VermontErika J Mitchell / Shutterstock

Burlington, Vermont

Farmers markets and fresh cheese shops scattered among green fields of dairy cows and bright red barns make Burlington, Vermont the perfect place for a relaxing Sunday drive.



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