13 Most Famous World Heritage Sites

Grand Canyon National Park – U.S.

The Grand Canyon is located in the American State of Arizona and is considered one of the most beautiful gorges in the world. It was carved by the Colorado River and runs for over 440 kilometers, with a width ranging from 6.9 to 29 kilometers.

Some of its gorges reach depths of 1.8 kilometers and horizontal strata (layers of rock) show the area’s geological history spans for 2 billion years (covering four major geologic eras). It attracts 5 million visitors each year and was added to the World Heritage list in 1979.

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    Medina of Marrakesh – Morocco

    Although Morocco has been inhabited by Berber tribes since Neolithic times, Marrakesh was founded in 1070-1072 by the Almoravid people. The city was an important religious, cultural, and trading center for Northern and sub-Saharan Africa.

    The medina (old city) contains a number of incredible architectural masterpieces such as the Koutoubia Mosque (with a 77-meter minaret), the Kasbah (citadel with impressive gates and gardens), and the Jemaa el-Fnaa Square, a bustling open-air theater and market. The medina was added to the list in 1987 receiving over 10 million visitors every year.

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