26 Most Beautiful Beaches You’ll Find Anywhere

2. Waipio Valley, Big Island, Hawaii

The bustling beaches in Waikiki on Oahu might be what Hawaii is best known for, but many will argue that far more beautiful are the secluded beaches on the Big Island. One prime example is Waipio Valley, which boasts a mile of breathtaking black sand. Only accessible by boat or on hike via a trail through lush greenery, Waipio Valley’s backdrop is sheer cliffs that only add to the drama of the location. Occasionally, there are horses that navigate the trails, providing a uniquely picturesque way to soak up the sun in Hawaii.

Juan A. Salgado / Shutterstock.com

Juan A. Salgado / Shutterstock.com

1. Blue Beach, Vieques, Puerto Rico

While there are plenty of stunning beaches on the main island of Puerto Rico, one of the world’s most gorgeous stretches of sand is found on the neighboring island of Vieques. La Chiva, also known to travelers as Blue Beach, is named due to its water, which dazzles in a range of blue shades. The pristine white sand is a magnificent juxtaposition, and the fact that the beach is difficult to access and therefore less crowded only adds to its incredible appeal.

L.A. Nature Graphics / Shutterstock.com

L.A. Nature Graphics / Shutterstock.com

This is just a short list of a few of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Depending on the type of scenery you think is most beautiful, and how far you want to travel, you should be able to find a beach that appeals to you.

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