26 Most Breathtaking Views on Earth

Cliffs of Dover, England

The white cliffs of Dover are the most iconic part of the English coastline, often the first or the last part of England that travelers would see. Their iconic white color is due to the large amount of chalk present in the composition of the rock, which reaches over 100 meters at their highest point. Walking along the bluffs, travelers are treated to the sight of the stark white cliffs against a background of the blue sea. On a clear day, the white cliffs can be seen across the English Channel in France.

Cliffs-of-Dover-EnglandViktor Kovalenko / Shutterstock

Erta Ale, Ethiopia

Erta Ale is an active volcano in the heart of the Afar region of Ethiopia. This volcano is the most active in the country, and if visitors can survive the intense heat to make it to the heart of the volcano, they are treated to one of the most stunning sights in the world: a smoking lake of entirely molten lava that is one of only 6 lava lakes in the world.

Erta-Ale-EthiopiaRainer Albiez / Shutterstock

Jökulsárlón, Iceland

The experience of seeing huge, deep blue-green icebergs floating in a tranquil lagoon is something many people have to see to believe. This glacial lagoon is the home of many large icebergs that have broken off nearby glaciers. Visitors are able to take boat tours where it’s possible to reach up and touch a piece of centuries-old glacier, or search for washed up icebergs along the shore. For the most breathtaking experience possible, try and time your visit for sunrise or sunset to see the shifting colors of the sky against a backdrop of ice.

Jokulsarlon-IcelandRomanSlavik.com / Shutterstock



The Best Flower Displays in the World

Flowers are one of the most beautiful objects in nature — their bright faces remind us of sunshine and warm weather, and their perfume can help us recall specific memories that all our other senses have forgotten. While many of us strive to make our home the perfect outdoor oasis, others focus on spectacular displays of flowers that can only be found in a small number of places. We’ve scoured the globe for some of the most beautiful flower displays open to the public. If you’re a fan of beautiful flowers both cultivated and wild, check this list out.

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