20 International Festivals You Don’t Want to Miss

19. Nowruz in Iran

Being celebrated for over 3000, Nowruz is the Iranian New Year (also known as the Persian New Year). With Zoroastrian origins, it happens during the beginning of spring.

20. Palms and Flowers Festival in El Salvador

Held in Panchimalco on the first Sunday of May, this festival dates back to pre-Columbian Maya culture, celebrating the start of the rainy season. Nowadays it commemorates Virgen del Rosario and the Virgen de la Concepción.

Frolova_Elena / Shutterstock.com

Frolova_Elena / Shutterstock.com



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The 10 Most Historic Prisons

While jail time isn’t a walk in the park for any convicted felon, many tourists flock to historical prisons around the world when traveling. This is due to their mystic, history, and eerie ambiance. While it may seem a little crazy, visiting a local prison can provide a ton of insight on a region’s roots and culture.