3 Mountain Highlands That Will Astonish You in Bukovina, Romania

How often can you see a relatively small land sprinkled with so much beauty and so much natural richness? Romania is one of the most wonderful places in the world — and I’m not saying that because this is the land I was born and lived 20 years of my life in. Locals and travelers alike will tell you the same thing — it’s a piece of heaven, and a hidden gem!

Bukovina is an area in Northern Romania, a region that has been blessed with high mountains, enchanted forests, green meadows, wealthy households, centuries-old churches and wonderful people. It’s a place where nature is omnipresent and traditions are still treasured and practiced, where summers, springs, autumns and winters are exactly like they were described in our childhood’s storybooks.

First, the food…

I simply can’t skip mentioning some of our specific dishes. Everything here is homemade — you can forget about fast food, chemicals and artificial flavors. From butter, sour cream and meat to fruit and vegetables, everything is natural and unprocessed.

Food is very important to us, so we couldn’t let our visitors leave without tasting our traditional delicacies. I recommend you try Tocinei, Tochitura, Hribi cu smantana (a meat-free mushroom dish with sour cream), Mamaliga, Sarmale, caș bucovinean (specialty cheese), urda (specialty cheese), Ciorba Radauteana, or the flavorful trout smoked in fir-tree: kobza.

Now that that’s taken care of, let’s move on to the focus of this article.

One of Bukovina’s highlights is its sceneries. With mountains that carefully guard this fascinating part of the world, there is enough to do and see for both adventurous travelers and touristy ones. Here are 3 of its most astonishing mountain highlands!

1. Rarău Mountains

Rarău is one of the most picturesque massive mountain groups of the Carpathians, being located in a beautiful area of ​​Bukovina, in Suceava County. They occupy a stretch of about 375 square kilometers, displaying over their entire surfaces a great diversity of landforms created by the mighty forces of nature, delightful to the eyes of those visiting these lands. Rarău Mountains are streaked by a vast network of marked trails and roads for hikers and cars, allowing travelers to reach the most important sights in the area.

Thanks to all the touristic attractions that are found in these mountains, Rarău is considered a key symbol of Bukovina. The peak has a height of 1650 meters and, while it waits for you to arrive, it stands proudly, overlooking the entire region.

The landscapes’ wilderness and the rare, complex vegetation of the area are the reason it’s declared a natural reservation, one that is visited by a lot of travelers, seeking both adventure and a relaxing sightseeing experience.

Enshrouded in mystery and legend, these mountains shelter numerous places that attract tourists like a magnet.

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Yulia Yudaeva / Shutterstock.com

Yulia Yudaeva / Shutterstock.com

One of the most iconic and popular tourist must-stops is the Lady’s Rocks, an ensemble of impressive cliffs, tilted towards the clear sky. The legend says that beneath these cliffs lies a huge, precious treasure – and that’s another thing that stirs the travelers’ imagination once they reach the place that amazes with its grandeur and charm like no other.

The Bat Cave is another unique, natural attraction that can be found pretty close to the Lady’s Rocks. It’s certainly one of the most important caves in these mountains, delighting its visitors with spectacular forms that can be admired inside.

Another place that represents high interest for tourists who love nature and all its beauty is the Devil’s Mill Gorges, formed by the Devil’s Mill River into the massive rock. The area that hosts this marvelous attraction is part of a geological reservation protected by law. The enchanting ecosystem developed here is made up of an alluring flora (species of yew, spruce, firs, poplars or willows) and a rich fauna (species like the Carpathian bear, lynx, deer or fox).

Moving on, I advise you not to skip Slătioara secular high forest, a natural reservation protected by law, where you will find a mixed forest of coniferous and deciduous, which are among the oldest on the entire European continent.

Other points of attractions or rather rare treasure worth of being admired are Hawk Stone (also known as the Falcon Stone), the Bison Stone, and the Buhii Stone — groups of rocks that impress with their unique shapes.

Baciu / Shutterstock.com

Baciu / Shutterstock.com



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