5 Places Where Dracula Checked In

If Facebook was up and running centuries ago, a lot of historical figures probably would have gotten into it. But, as this never happened, we can only imagine.

Here’s an experiment: let’s re-build a part of Dracula’s lifetime itinerary. Here are some of the places where Vlad Tepes checked in. Now it’s time for you to go check them out!

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    Celebrating His First Birthday at the Vlad Dracul House

    Legends say that the Vlad Dracul House in Sighisoara was the first place that gave Dracula a warm welcome. Vlad the Impaler’s father, Vlad Dracul II, seemed to have lived here between 1431 and 1435 (or 1436, according to other sources). So, the period matches the approximate date when the bloody count is said to be born. In all likelihood, Vlad lived here until the age of 4.

    Although historians could not clearly establish this information up until now, tourists are gladly visiting the house located in the town’s Citadel Square steps away from the famous Clock Tower and just across the street from the Venetian House. You can’t miss it!

    At the entrance, a wrought-iron dragon salutes you politely. The house’s ground floor hosts a cozy restaurant, and the first floor accommodates the Museum of Weapons — so, besides Dracula’s first crib, you’ll be entertained with swords, glaives, and other “toys” alike.


    Vlad Dracul’s ochre-painted House is one of the main attractions in this enchanting medieval burg. After you’re done admiring it, be sure to walk the cobbled streets of the beautiful castle-town of Sighisoara. Hosting a history of thousands of years, this place is the one and only inhabited medieval citadel in south-eastern Europe, a sight full of legends and mysteries and an ideal “stop and stare” for those who want to combine historical facts with vampiric myths. Thanks to its outstanding architecture and fairytale-like geographical ambiance Sighisoara is known as the Transylvanian Pearl known since the late 19th century.

    Curious already? I thought so!

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    Making Things Happen at Chindia Tower

    The next place I’m introducing you to is hosted by one of the most important cities related to the Bloody Count: Targoviste. Chindia Tower is located in Targoviste and it was built by Vlad Tepes during his second reign back in the 15th century. It served military purposes, playing the role of a guard, Fire Tower and treasure storage. Multitasking, indeed. And that’s not all. Apart from its defending purposes, in the 16th and 17thcenturies, Chindia was also known as the Royal Court’s prison.

    Chindia Tower is the city’s most important tourist attraction and also the symbol of the place. Targoviste loves its proud monument and displays its specific elements on the town emblem itself. Being a historical building, the tower now houses an exhibition of documents, weapons and objects that belonged to – you’ll never guess — Dracula.

    Enjoy a splendid, panoramic view over the Royal Court and the town, by climbing all of the 122 stairs to the very top. Be sure not to skip the photo exposition entitled “Vlad Tepes – Dracula. Legend and Historical Truth.” What more can you wish for?

    After you kiss the tower goodbye, take some time to enjoy Targoviste and its Royal Court, from which Vlad Tepes ruled for a long, long time. Targoviste is the town where Dracula spent the most of his reign (it’s said – though not proven — that he first arrived here with his father, Vlad Dracul II, back in 1435) and has strong, scary links with his famous punishment method: impalement. Don’t worry, you’re safe now.

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    Getting Some Fresh Air at the Bran Castle

    If you read Bram Stoker’s Dracula, you certainly remember the Bloody Count’s haughty castle, built on the top of a high cliff, imposingly guarding the river’s valley that sneakily snakes through Transylvania’s Principality. Well, here you are, traveler fellow!

    Vlad Tepes is, indeed, connected to this enchanting place. It’s said that he led several punishment campaigns here: German merchants from Brasov (the county where the castle is located) who refused to obey him and pay their taxes were “rewarded” with the Impaler’s peculiar disciplinary treatment.

    Another spooky fact about Bran is that some inhabitants living in its neighboring strongly believe in the existence of evil spirits called strigoi. These creatures are actually normal, living people, whose spirits leave their body once the night conquers the day and start hunting the other villagers while they sleep. And they hunt, and they hunt, all night long and until the first rooster starts singing. When do these guys have the time to rest?!

    Needless to say, this is nothing but an unproven (yet entertaining, we have to admit it) belief.

    Photosebia / Shutterstock.com

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