5 Places Where Dracula Checked In

Making Memories at the Poienari Citadel

The Poienari Citadel is the best documented and most legit site connected to the Wallachian prince. This evocative monument is proudly standing on the top of a cliff, at 25 kilometers north of Curtea de Arges small, coquette town. Vlad Tepes used this place as a fortress and a prison.

It’s a 1480 steps long journey that leads visitors towards the ultimate goal: Poenari. As you climb, you begin to discern the citadel’s silhouette, getting rid of the impression created by the distance — an eagle’s nest, hanging over the wild cliffs. The legends woven around this place, its eternal beauty and the wonderful surrounding scenery, urge travelers along the knowledge-filled hike that ultimately reveals this beautiful pile of rocks.

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Feeling determined at the Old Princely Court.

The Old Princely Court, located in the very heart of Bucharest, was built in the 15th century and issued on September 20th, 1459 by, who else than the mighty Vlad Tepes. Local lore says that his prisoners were kept here, trapped in the dungeons hiding beneath the court and even extending under the city. Today, all that remains available to visitors are arches, tombstones, a Corinthian column and some walls. But everything is charged with history, shouting out loud that the Impaler was once here — and did both wonderful and frightening things.

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