7 Disgusting Beaches to Never Ever Visit

Salish-Sea,-USA-Canadanorazaminayob / Shutterstock

Salish Sea, U.S.A/ Canada

It’s probably best to avoid any beach along the coast of the Salish Sea that stretches from Seattle up to Vancouver. More than 15 severed human feet have washed up on its shores in a seven-year saga that’s been dubbed, “The Salish Sea Severed Foot Mystery.” Some of the feet have been identified as belonging to suicide jumpers while other have been reunited with their opposite limb, but there is still no explanation for the gruesome foot phenomenon. It did however; inspire an episode of the hit crime TV-show Bones called “The Feet on the Beach.”



Mini Guide to South Africa

South Africa is the southernmost country in the African continent with a population of approximately 56 million people (24th most populous nation). It has a coastline of nearly 2,800 kilometers being part of both the Indian and Atlantic Ocean. It has a difficult history of racial segregation (apartheid) and massive inequality, despite having the seventh…

The Best Coffee Roasters in the USA

While it’s true that most coffee beans come from farms in Africa and South America, there are plenty of American coffee roasters who are doing amazing things with these beans and turning them into unique products with a little time, patience, and heat. Today, we’re going to explore the best coffee roasteries in the United States, and how you can find their beans. If you’re a coffee fan, make sure to keep this list handy when you’re planning your next vacation as a bag of freshly-roasted coffee is a great souvenir.

Picture Perfect Places to Say “I Do”

Your wedding day should be memorable, as it’s the day you’ve probably been thinking of for years. Getting married abroad is perhaps the best way to ensure that your wedding is perfect, free of the distractions that come with a local wedding. And afterward, the location you pick will hold a special place in your heart.