7 Must Visit Craft Breweries in Charlotte, North Carolina

Lenny Boy Brewing

Also in South End is Lenny Boy Brewing. Perhaps you’ve seen their kombucha at your Whole Foods. Did you know they also specialize in brewing organic craft beers with a focus on wild ales?

Kentucky Creeper is a showcase of all things Southern and Lenny Boy. The sour ale is brewed with local watermelon, elderberries, and muscadine grapes, and aged in oak barrels. The teetotalers in your group will delight in the variety of non-alcoholic kombucha that’s available.

Unknown Brewery

From their creative brews to their crazy special events, you never know what to find at Unknown Brewery. One weekend it could be revelers from the pantless party sipping on Escorpion en Fuego brewed with agave nectar, serrano peppers, and 99 Scorpions. The next weekend you could stumble upon a room full of Santas sipping on a bourbon barrel aged Dirty Commie Heathen Russian Imperial Stout. They also have an old school arcade, which is a fun way to spend the evening with a craft beer in hand.

Bryan Richards / Own Work

Bryan Richards / Own Work

NoDa Brewing

You’ve exhausted South End. Now, it’s time to check out the NoDa neighborhood. The first stop should be World Beer Cup Gold Medal Winner NoDa Brewing. They may have won accolades for their Hop Drop and Roll IPA, but all of their beers are equally as worthy. A crowd favorite is Coco Loco Porter, brewed with cocoa nibs and coconut. Oh, and it won the silver medal at the 2012 Great American Beer Festival.

Bryan Richards / Own Work

Bryan Richards / Own Work



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