9 Scariest Vacations on Earth

Mount-Huashan-Hikelzf / Shutterstock

Mount Huashan Hike – China

For those who feel canyoning isn’t quite frightening enough, perhaps the world’s most dangerous hiking trail is more tempting. What’s a little death-defying cliffside scramble to the avid hiker? The trail, consisting at times of little more than a narrow ledge with an iron chain to hang on to, steep, rough hewn staircases, vertical ascents, and planks bolted on to the side of the cliff. The hike claims fatalities each year, but why let that deter you?

Wilderness-KayakingAlex Pix / Shutterstock

Wilderness Kayaking/Canoeing – Northern Canada

While for some a remote kayaking or canoeing trip, spending days without seeing another living soul, is the perfect holiday, for many it would rank among the scariest tests of character and stamina. With vast expanses of beautiful, rugged land, and some of the most incredible rivers in the world, northern Canada is just the place to face your fears.

Wing-Walkingmobil11 / Shutterstock

Wing-walking – Washington State, USA

Another holiday that seeks to test the mettle of the thrill-seeking adventurer. A West Coast operation called Spin Doctors will get you comfortable with the skills required for wing-walking on the ground before taking to the skies. One up in the air, the wing-walker moves from the cockpit to the upper and lower wings of the biplane, with a safety harness and cable well-attached. For those with a fear of flying, or heights, this could in fact be the most terrifying holiday imaginable.



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11 Great Hostels in Europe to Stay In

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