9 Weird (But Awesome) Specialty Vacations You Can Take

In a world where most avid travelers have been to an all-inclusive resort, lounged on a cruise, went to Las Vegas multiple times, and have grown out of the Disney phase, there are those out there looking for a little bit more than just the average vacation. They yearn for a once-in-lifetime kind of trip.

So, while there are those out there who are heading out to Florida for the same old/same old this year, there are some that simply want more from a holiday. Check out nine weird — yet awesome — specialty vacations for the adventurous traveler.

1. Igloo Village

Who wouldn’t want to live like an Inuit for a week? In all seriousness, Igloo Village is truly a one-of-kind vacation that allows guests to marvel in the wildlife and beauty of Ittoqqortoomitt, Greenland. Visitors can check out frozen fjords, go dog sledding, visit deserted villages, and spend a night in an icy cave.

While many talk about diving into a different culture and experiencing local life when they travel, this dream truly becomes a reality when you head to Igloo Village.

2. Gnome Countryside

While you can live like an Innuit at Igloo Village, experience life as a gnome when you head to Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.

Nestled amongst the Amish farmland of Pennsylvania, Gnome Countryside celebrates these cute folklore garden creatures in an oasis-like resort. At Gnome Countryside, travelers can learn more about gnomes while enjoying camping, hiking, and the natural beauty of the region.

3. The Tropical Island Resort

Why chance getting sunburnt on a real beach when you can experience the smells and sounds from one without having to step outside? Well, head to Krausnick, Germany.

Touted as the globe’s largest indoor beach, the Tropical Island Resort boasts the largest indoor pool and 50,000-plant forest. In fact, there’s enough room at this indoor resort for a hot air balloon to fly around.

Whether it’s rainy outside or a nice warm day, the resort stays an even 26⁰C without a cloud in sight.

4. Great Pacific Garbage Patch

Time to skip out on that Caribbean cruise you’ve been planning and dive into some floating trash instead!

The Great Pacific Garbage Patch is the size of Texas. For $10,000 a person, travelers with a passion for helping the environment can float around in chemical sludge, high concentrations of plastic waste, and debris from the streams of the North Pacific Gyre. Guests aid in operating a trawl that gathers small particles that threaten wildlife in the region and haul huge heaps of junk offshore.

Spending your time at the Great Pacific Garbage Patch is a strange yet rewarding way to spend one’s vacation.

5. Alnwick Poison Garden

While many people visit a variety of gardens with awe-inspiring beauty, how many of us can say we’ve been to one that showcases flowers and plants with poisonous powers?

The Duchess of Northumberland was the one to establish Alnwick Poison Garden because she felt more children would be fascinated by the ways in which plants could kill, instead of the healing powers of fauna. With a sign on the gate the states, “These Plants Can Kill You”, a visit to Alnwick Poison Garden certainly offers an informative and unique experience.

Despite the lethality of its occupants, Alnwick Poison Garden remains a popular tourist attraction. Moreover, the castle on the grounds was a stand-in for Hogwarts in some of the Harry Potter movies.

6. The Integratron

Here’s a weird vacation spot for anyone who truly believes aliens exist.

Former test pilot and aeronautical engineer George Van Tassel spent 18 years building Integratron, stating at one point that he made contact with an alien at the dome building and thought it to be a type of time machine. Nowadays, visitors flock to the site, where it is believed to offer spiritual and physical healing powers.

7. Island of the Dolls

Don’t be fooled by the name, this isn’t something you want to tote young children to.

One of southwestern Mexico’s biggest and weirdest attractions, Island of the Dolls wasn’t initially established to become something touristy. Sadly, after a child drowned in a canal on the site, Don Julian Santana discovered a doll floating within the waters and placed it on a tree to honor the little girl and prevent future tragedy. Unfortunately, as time wore on, he became obsessed with the act and began hanging creepy and broken dolls everywhere. What’s even crazier is that Santana himself apparently drowned in the same canal as the child.

8. Storm Chasing Tours

Now, this is truly for the adventurous at heart. We’ve all seen those videos on Facebook and Twitter of some crazy locals getting so close to a tornado they’re able to film it. Even just looking at videos, one can feel the adrenaline rush of being close to something that’s so devastating, yet beautiful at the same time. Well, now you don’t have to risk your life alone. So, book some time off work and join a storm-chasing tour.

Storm Chasing Adventure Tours offers six-day tours where guests can travel across the United States looking to find the heart of a severe storm. The team uses cutting-edge radar technology to find a storm and state-of-the-art communication equipment to make sure you capture.

9. Guacamania

Who doesn’t love avocados and guacamole? Well, if you are obsessed with the fruit, then there is an adult-only hotel in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico known as Casa Velas that celebrates avocado and guacamole every March and September.

The chefs create a special menu for guacfest, including avocado burritos, waffles with avocado, and even chocolate mousse made with avocado. Guests learn how to make different types of guacamole, plus staff offer shaved avocado ice around the pool area to keep everyone cool. The spa is even jam-packed with avocado treatment options for your body, skin, and hair.

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