Animal Paradise: The Best Hotels for Animal Lovers

The Kahala Hotel & Resort – Hawaii

If it’s your dream to swim with dolphins, look no further than the Kahala Hotel & Resort in Honolulu, Hawaii, which has their own school of dolphins. These dolphins, who all have their own names and personalities, live in the lagoon beside the hotel, and are enthusiastic participants in shows and interactions with hotel guests.

When you’re done hanging out with the dolphins, the Kahala offers tons of other activities on land or sea. They even have a few suites which overlook the dolphin’s lagoon, which start at $825 per night.

Kakslauttanen Artic Resort – Finland

Another hotel where beautifully trained dogs are the stars of the show is Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort in Kakslauttanen, Finland. Its location within the Arctic Circle makes it a little challenging to get to, but once you arrive, you’re certain to have the trip of a lifetime.

The resort’s most popular activity is sledding – they offer the option of sleds pulled by specially trained huskies or reindeer. You can take a quick lesson, or go all out and opt for an overnight camping trip. They have a few different options for accommodations, ranging from glass-topped igloos to cozy log cabins, which range in price from $295 to $637 a night.

Desert Palm Dubai – Dubai, UAE

The Desert Palm Dubai is a luxury desert resort that prides itself on offering guests the option for both riding and polo at its private equestrian club. They have 45 horses on site, and if you’re not interested in polo, they have plenty of options for private lessons, group lessons, or just a scenic ride. They even offer suites that overlook the polo grounds, so you can watch matches from your private balcony. Prices start at $315 for a suite.



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