Around the Globe in Zip Lines

The Monster

The Monster is the name of a zip line located at the Toro Verde eco adventure park in Orocovis, Puerto Rico. The Monster is the certified Guinness World Record holder for the longest zip line in the world. It stretches an astounding 8,300-feet, which is the equivalent of 28 regulation

football fields. After you ride The Monster, you get a flight certificate listing your achievement and what speed you reached on the ride.

The highest speed that you can reach on The Monster is an exhilarating 95 mph. Before you even get on the ride, you have to conquer your fear of heights by walking across a huge suspension bridge to get to the launch pad.

Flightline Safari

Flightline Safari, located in San Diego, California, isn’t like most of the other zip lines on this list. For one, it doesn’t run at top speeds, and it’s only about 130 feet from the ground. The thing that makes this zip line a bit different is the fact that it’s located right above the San Diego Zoo.

As you soar over the zoo grounds, you’ll get to see animals from a different vantage point, taking in their enclosures and habitats from above. Flightline Safari also offers the option to record your flight on a helmet camera, so that you can relive the excitement later. The zip line drops riders at Kilima Point, about 2/3rds of a mile away from the launch pad.

Zip 2000

Zip 2000 is a zip line located in the adventure park Sun City, in South Africa. It’s one of the world’s fastest zip lines – the highest recorded speed reached on Zip 2000 was a record-breaking 115 mph. Many people enjoy the Zip 2000 zip line over others in the world because there’s no intense feeling of free-fall. The line accelerates quite naturally, and guests are also able to ride with a friend if they feel like sharing the fun.

Sun City is only about two hours outside of Johannesburg, and is right beside the Pilanesberg Game Reserve, so you can make a whole day, or even a weekend, out of adventuring in this area.



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