How to Have the Best New Year’s Any Where in the World

Suitcase carrying in Columbia

If you find yourself in Columbia this New Year’s Eve, don’t be surprised if you see people taking their luggage for a walk. According to tradition, taking your suitcase around the block at midnight means you will do lots of travelling with it in the New Year.

Celebrating roundness in the Philippines

In Filipino culture, roundness is thought to bring prosperity. So, on New Year’s Eve, it’s traditional to collect and eat 12 different round fruits to represent each month of the year ahead.

Eating in Estonia

In Estonia, it’s not about what you eat on New Year’s, it’s all about how many times you eat. Estonians try to eat seven, nine, or 12 meals on New Year’s Eve because those are considered to be lucky numbers.

Grape eating in Spain

While many people toast with champagne at midnight, in Spain, it’s traditional to eat 12 green grapes as the New Year arrives. Each grape is said to represent a month of good luck to come.

Carol singing in Portugal

In Portugal, they save the caroling for the first few days of the New Year when they participate in As Janieras (which means “The Januaries”). Adults and children alike traipse through the town singing songs and knocking on their neighbor’s doors to wish them a happy New Year.



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The Best Canadian Hockey Towns

Canada and hockey go together like peanut butter and chocolate. If you didn’t know that, you either don’t watch hockey or you’ve never been to Canada in the wintertime. Just like any sport, hockey has its hotbeds. Coincidentally, each and every one of the cities and towns mentioned in this article claims superiority. Mind you, in entirely different ways. Some cling to a long and storied history. Others flash around their laundry list of NHL alumni, current Hall of Famers, and future Hall of Famers. Today, we’ll take a look at the best of the best. Lace ‘em up, tape up your stick, and put the foil on. These are the best hockey towns in the Great White North.

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