How to Have the Best New Year’s Any Where in the World

Bread smacking in Ireland

Like many other cultures, the Irish are worried about bad luck and evil spirits at the start of the New Year.  They believe that smacking a loaf of bread against the wall will not only drive spirits away but will ensure they have plenty of bread to eat next year.

Burning scarecrows in Ecuador

In Ecuador, they celebrate the end of the “año Viejo” (old year) and welcome the new by burning effigies of public figures, politicians, and pop culture icons in order to burn away the bad of the year that’s passed.

Ice cream dropping in Switzerland

In what sounds like a waste of perfectly good ice cream, Swiss tradition dictates that you should welcome the upcoming year by dropping a scoop of ice cream on the floor.

Calendar shredding in Uruguay

In Uruguay, they do out with old and in with the new on Dec 31st by shredding up last year’s calendar and tossing the pieces out the window like confetti.

Polar dipping in Canada

There’s no better way to cure your New Year’s Eve hangover than to take a polar dip on New Year’s Day. This Canadian tradition of jumping into icy cold water for charity on January 1st will make you feel terribly cold, but give you a warm, do-good feeling on the inside.

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Extravagant Hotel Pools You Need to See

For a lot of us, the pool is the holiday and the holiday is the pool. The success or failure of a getaway in the sun is determined by just how good the pool is. Knowing this, many hotels have some truly absurd swimming pools. Absurd for their grandeur and extravagance, these pools alone would make an unforgettable holiday.

Total Relaxation: 10 Best Wellness Retreats

Depending on what kind of relaxation you are looking for, a wellness retreat can offer an extraordinary vacay away from daily distractions of life, while enjoying incredible cuisine, along with fun activities to keep your body moving. Whether you love the idea of some hiking, yoga, meditation, or massages, there are a variety of wellness retreats all across the globe that help you relax, find your inner self, and feel rejuvenated.

Mini Guide to Russia

Russia is the largest country in the world and has a population of nearly 150 million, though around 77 percent live in the western part of the country. It’s best known for being the first constitutionally socialist state and its role in World War II and the ensuing Cold War. The country has also many technological accomplishments, including sending the first human to space. Nowadays, it’s the world’s 12th largest economy by GDP, the biggest producers of natural gas and oil, and also a permanent member of the UN Council.