In the Movies: Popular Film Destinations

7. Savannah, Georgia

One of the most beautiful and stately cities in the American South, Savannah is both modern and charmingly antiquated, which allows it to shine in classic movies like Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil, Now and Then, and Magic Mike XXL. Ok, we’re just kidding about that last one being a classic, but it did film all around Savannah and nearby holiday spot Tybee Island.

One of the most famous shots in Hollywood movie history is Forrest Gump sitting on his bench, which was filmed in Chippewa Square in downtown Savannah. If you’re interested, you can check out the authentic movie prop, which is currently exhibited at the Savannah History Museum.

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8. Boston, Massachusetts

Boston is a city that has a vibe of its own that seems palpable right down to its atoms. Most of the time when movies film in Boston, they’re looking for an atmosphere that they can’t get anywhere else. There are plenty of famous filming locations to visit in Boston, but no area of the city has seen more action than the areas surrounding Harvard.

No doubt one of the most famous schools in North America, Harvard has been featured in movies like Good Will Hunting and The Social Network. Other Boston-centric movies that have filmed in the city are Fever Pitch, Boondock Saints, and basically anything directed by anyone named Affleck.

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9. Budapest, Hungary

Budapest, like Prague, is a city in Europe which still maintains a relatively low cost of living and as a result, is able to offer a bargain to production studios. Budapest also features diverse architecture from the city’s long history, which allows it to stand in for a variety of different cities with similar-looking neighborhoods.

Some movies that have filmed in Budapest only to disguise it as another city are Munich (where it portrayed Rome and London), Being Julia (London), and The Martian (Beijing!). Budapest’s most stunning architecture is centrally located on the banks of the Danube River, so make sure to start there if you’re searching for popular movie locations.

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